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First Assistant

Cooper’s (on the left) previous position was with a rescue group in Long Beach, Mississippi. When he applied for the First Assistant position at BAI we were surprised at how very well adjusted he was. It was a big win for the team! Aaron and his partner lost their first Tree-Walker Coon Hound in July 2023. After working with him, they had fallen in love with the breed and knew that they wanted to work with another one, since they are such great assistants.


While somewhat obstinate and independent, despite being a trainee, Cooper quickly ended up training us in his desires and daily requirements. Cooper usually has Aaron up and out the door by 6am each day - off to the local dog park, his first job site of the day, where he has developed a bond with three other dogs that have become part of his work routine, playing and romping around in the morning.

When Aaron gets to the office for his workday, Cooper is always by his side. However, Cooper spends most of the time under Aaron's desk (working on something there?), unless other teammates give him the attention that he so expects and demands. Knowing who has the treats always helps. There might be a time or two when Cooper works from home, in which case Aaron's fellow teammates are more concerned that Cooper didn't come in than caring about where Aaron is! 

A Word From Cooper

I'ze was six years old when I'ze met my new Dads. I'ze been with my previous parents my whole life and wasn’t really sure what's was happening when my new Dads picks me up. I'ze was so unsure about what was happening during our THREE hour drive to the city that I'ze actually got sicks a couple of blocks from my new place. At first, I'ze a little nervous - I'ze never had TWO Dads before and I'ze wasn’t sure what's to expect, but they'ze so kind and patient with me and they made me feels like a parts of their family right away. They'z took me on long walks, played with me in the parkzies, and Aaron started to takes me into the office a few days a week. BOTH dads gives me all of the love and attention I'ze could ever want! Now, I'ze can’t imagine my life without them. They’ve taughts me so much about love, loyalty, and friendship, and I’ze so grateful to haves them in my life. 

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