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Adrian is the Principal of Blanco Architecture Inc. He has provided consulting services on a wide range of project types for architects, contractors, owners and developers.  Adrian has an Architectural Technology background, has worked in construction, and is adept at developing practical executable details. He has designed and constructed custom spray racks for differential pressure fenestration testing and has performed dozens of ASTM E-1105 tests on windows and doors, for both new and existing construction. Adrian has provided construction litigation support for attorneys, including trial testimony, and has led forensic investigations.



Sara is a finance professional with extensive work experience, augmented with an MBA. She has over sixteen years of experience in finance with small architecture firms, including extensive knowledge of finance, payables, receivables, budgeting, analysis, planning, and project management. She also has extensive finance, administrative, human resources and marketing experience in other small business, banking, non-profit, and Fortune 50 companies. Currently she volunteers for two migraine organizations whose goals are to increase funding for migraine research, Headache on the Hill and Miles for Migraine. Sara is also a Migraine Advisory Board member at Miles for Migraine.



Erik is an attorney and an architect.  His formal education was completed in Minnesota where there is a strong tradition of building enclosure design and research.  He has extensive experience with both residential and commercial building designs.  Erik has worked on a variety of construction systems and building types, from single family wood and metal stud framed residences to steel framed retail and hospitality projects, and developed envelope designs to meet client needs in the Midwest, Northeast, Caribbean, and the Southwest U.S.

Erik's responsibilities include project management, leading forensic investigations, fenestration testing, diagnosing and analyzing building components for defective construction, implementing and administering remedial construction, and litigation support.  

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Jason Sheldrick
Senior Project Manager, Production Manager


Jason has worked on a wide range of projects in Canada and the United States from commercial to institutional to high-end residential structures. He is a senior project manager and the production manager at Blanco Architecture Inc. He is responsible for project management, building envelope design for both new structures and remedial work, coordination of drawings and specifications and contract administration services. He conducts investigations for failed building assemblies and is experienced with building condition evaluations and fenestration testing. Jason has taught college level courses in Canada and is an accomplished and talented artist.



Richard is a Project Senior Manager at BAI.  He  has a wide range of experience in managing multi-family and civic facade restoration and roofing projects in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Richard has conducted building facade condition evaluations, prepared drawing and specification packages and provided contract administration services. Richard is currently working on completing the architect registration exam. He is also an accomplished artist who regularly produces beautiful paintings from his Sonoma County studio.



Felix is an architect with over 28 years experience, much of it centered around the multi-family housing industry, including both new design and renovation/rehabilitation projects.  He previously served as one of the principals of a local forensic architecture and building envelope specialist firm for 9 years. It was there that he honed his skills in forensic investigations into building envelope failures, and developed a solid working knowledge of building envelope design, detailing, materials and systems.


Felix joined BAI after taking time off to complete the last phase of an extensive renovation on his own home he started nearly 15 years ago.  He is an avid scuba diver, cyclist, and woodworker with a strong passion for durable and sensible technical design.  His philosophy?  “Build it right the first time.”


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Stephenie is an Assistant Project Manager with experience ranging from residential design to commercial building envelope consulting. She has extensive experience with forensic investigation, condition assessments, construction litigation, and historic preservation. Stephenie is a LEED Green Associate and is currently working on the Architectural Registration Exam. Outside of work you can find her hiking or camping somewhere in the Eastern Sierras, practicing yoga, baking something sweet, or tending to the garden. 


Aaron is the Assistant Operations Manager at BAI.  Aaron has over 28 years of experience in successfully coordinating all aspects of large and small facility operations, including management, facility development, marketing, budgets and sales.  A diligent, articulate and detail focused professional who provides support to the project management team in the day-to-day running on the organization.  His goal is to offer a seamless and efficient processes whereby one moves from a reactive to proactive environment.  Outside of the work place you can often find him traveling, as he loves to discover new and exotic places throughout the world. 

Assistant Project Manager
Blanco Architecture_Aaron Hopkins_2021-1
Aaron Hopkins
Assistant Operations Manager


Casey is a Senior Field Manager at BAI.  He began his career over 30 years ago working for a local waterproofing membrane manufacturer, and then progressed to becoming a skilled caulking and waterproofing journeyman. After a short contract for a local consulting firm where he provided quality control services, he shifted his full-time focus to consulting and field observation work for building envelope architecture firms. Casey has a wide range of experience from wood frame single family structures to commercial concrete buildings and is especially versed in sealants and coatings.  He has performed many ASTM E-1105 tests on windows and doors and has conducted water testing for diagnostic purposed for other failed building envelope assemblies.  Casey is mainly responsible for contract administration services at BAI.  

Casey Walters 2021-15 B&W.jpg
Chief Treat Inspector
R.I.P. - 2017


Little’s career began with a short internship with the Milo Foundation. She learned a lot about treats and begging from her foster siblings and other interns. Finally she landed her dream job at Blanco Architecture Inc. Her primary duties include inspecting her parents’ and sister’s meals for poisonous and other foreign materials. Sometimes others simply get too much food, and she takes care of the overages. She carefully studies how many treats are dispensed and gives Adrian hourly reports. Little sets an example for the balance between work, play and sleep. She has been working on two problem areas lately - taking hikes by herself to downtown San Rafael and sleeping in too late. She is currently running a test of a GPS dog tracking system to see if it helps with her independent nature. Little always brings high energy to her work, inspiring all of her coworkers to the same.


Senior Activities Director


Bella’s career also began with a short internship with the Milo Foundation. After a too brief maternity leave, Milo found her in Lake County and offered her a temporary position that led to her permanent placement with Blanco Architecture Inc. In a more supportive environment, Bella was able to enthusiastically throw herself into all areas of play. After extensive study, she found that she excels in running, jumping and barking, especially in the area of fence-gaming. She recently took on an internship with her Aunt Sandra and cousin Spencer, who have introduced her to the challenging world of hiking off-leash. Once again, she has excelled at this new adventure, never venturing too far away, like her late independent sister, Little. She brings joy to every task she sets her mind to, and sets a very happy tone in the office.


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