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Field Assistant

Sid is a hard working four-year old Chihuahua-Pug mix. Prior to applying for the Field Assistant position at BAI, he was found roaming the streets of Fresno during Covid and was picked up by the Humane Society. Despite his meager beginnings, he always had an appetite for fine foods and luxury, which translates well into advocating for high-end snacks for the entire dog community at BAI. He loves to dine on salmon, sweet potato and other fine snacks. He can charm his coworkers into sharing anything.

After beginning his internship at BAI, he immediately established command of his home office and the people who live and work there. He quickly took on a protective and nourishing role, assisting one of his "superiors" that was diagnosed with cancer.

The initial leadership initiative Sid showed at the home office parleyed well into his Field Assistant role with Jeremy at BAI headquarters, offering as much love and attention as his coworkers could ever ask for. Being a great multi-tasker, Sid also took on the job of entertaining and protecting his human brother. He is expanding his resume with exercise management and spends a lot of time playing keep-away and fetch with his toys. Sid loves to take breaks, and forces his co-workers to take breaks with him, to walk the neighborhood and socialize with others. His desk has recently been moved to a more ergonomic mid-century camel brown leather chair facing the West and greeting the sunrise.


After becoming acclimated at BAI headquarters and gaining more confidence with his leadership skills, despite his official role as Field Assistant to Jeremy, one of Sid’s favorite things to do at the office is to fully ignore Jeremy and then assist other more favored BAI team members. He has been reviewed for this behavior, but continues to primarily assist Jason, while ignoring Jeremy. When Jason isn’t in the office, he then favors assisting Haley.

A Word From Sid


My's initial assignment when joining this family was to heals the heart of a lonesome boy during the pandemic. I'ze did such a great job, and enjoyed it so much, that my's next assignment was to help my mom fight cancer. I'ze quickly learned it was she who needed my superpowers mores than she ever knew. Really, the whole family needed me and my superpowers. I'ze relished in my job of post-chemo cuddles and reminded her every morning, with leaping parades celebrating her waking up, that this fight was worth it. So even though things started out rough for me, things can be tough for others as well.  It’s my job to make everyone feels better, no matter what - and I'ze damn good at it!  

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