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Senior Field Assistant

Stella is a hilarious five-year old white miniature schnauzer. She is a beloved companion and hard working team member at BAI. 


Stella is always busy with her nose buried in a set of drawings or attending important meetings. She is an expert at sniffing out leaks on high-end window and wall assemblies. She has no patience for cheap construction! Stella has a natural talent for leadership and enjoys being the top dog in any situation. She likes to take charge and make sure everyone knows who's in control.

When it comes to food, like so many of her coworkers, Stella has refined taste buds. She can sniff-out the most delectable treats from a mile away. From gourmet dog food to homemade delights, she knows how to appreciate the finer things in life.


Stella is also known for her lightning-fast speed. Whether she's chasing after a squirrel in the park or playing a game of frisbee, she leaves everyone in her dust. Her agility and quick reflexes make her an impressive athlete, and her energy is contagious to all who witness her in action. She is leading a new initiative at BAI to get the other canine workers revved up and ready for play meetings!


A Word From Stella


I'ze very important, and I'ze have many very important jobs. Some of my earliest memories are from a farm in Sebastopol. It was very noisy, I'ze had a large pack, but I'ze was clearly the smartest and most athletic of all of the other pups. The lady there said I'ze was the Alpha, and I'ze said “duh”. I'ze had to bark at all of my brothers and sisters to make sure they knew how smart and important I'ze was. Then one day some dude showed up to rescue me from all of these inferiors. He brought me to a new house with lots of good snacks and places to run. It was very difficult teaching this guy that I'ze was BOSS! Duh, right?  It took awhile but I'ze thinks he has the hang of things. 


My new pack includes the dude I'ze now call Dad. I'ze also have an Aunt Peg. She makes good smells in the kitchen. It is my job to taste anything that falls on the floor, then polish it with my tongue. I'ze am very good at this job. The other inferior members of my pack are two cats. Another of my jobs is to make sure they stay in their room. When I'ze smell that either have left their room, I'ze remind them that I'ze am BOSS and they should stay under the bed. Duh, right?! They do not know how to play. They are very stupid. Sometimes I'ze try to smell their butts. They swat and spit at me. Uncool, unsanitary and just plain not nice. I'ze do like their food though. Sometimes, if no one is looking I wash out and polish their food bowls for them. 


My Dad and I'ze do very important work following a little white ball around. It is my job to protect the tools that he hits the little white ball with. I'ze must also protect my Dad from the squirrels and geese. It is hard work, so I'ze require many treats. Another job I'ze have is to remove smelly snacks from the garbage and tear them up and decorate the floors. I'ze think my Dad really likes it when I'ze do this job. He gets very excited and barks really loud. Another of my jobs is to help my pack get their cardio. I'ze like this job and call it chase. If I'ze can get away without my leash, they scream and bark my name so loud, like they are auditioning for a part in "A Streetcar Named Desire”. I'ze very good at all of my jobs, like the best, but my favorite and most important job is to make my Dad laugh. 

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