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Senior Activities Director, Play Manager & Security Manager

Whiskey’s career began in Salt Lake City working in the family business with three siblings and her mother. During COVID, she worked from home too often and became very distrustful of humans. Through the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, her mother and siblings all found new places in Salt Lake, but Whiskey made the long trip to San Rafael after she found a position with BAI.


She is currently working closely with Sara as her assistant while also working security for everyone and everything else. She makes sure Sara gets regular breaks and reminds her to eat well, but also makes sure everyone knows if someone comes near the office or Sara’s house. She has enrolled in a special HR program to learn how to interact better with others.

A Word From Whiskey


When I was even more wee than I ams now, my Mom and three siblings were left in a box on someone’s porch in Salt Lake City. Lots of times I’m super fraidee of people, places and things - maybe because of what happened to us. But that’s where the sadness ends.  I then had three moms and many more siblings whens I was foostered inside a real live house! Two of my sisters were big and called boxers, although I think they were sooooo nicies. My wee siblings were kinda annoying, so I hung out by myself a lot and ended up being the last to be adoopted. I traveled all the ways to Caleefornia in a car - a car! Guess what? My new sister was a boxer too.  Bella was soooo warm, and I was fraidee, so I cuddleed up to her a lot. My new Mummas was ok, but I liked Bella way more. I also dos the “air bites”, and peoples thinks that’s funny. Bella went away, and I missess her lots and lots, but Mummas is a pretty good substitute. She spends lots of times in bedy-byes, she says her head hurts lots (every day meegrainees?), but I cuddles with her there to try to makes her feels better. And when Mummas can’ts play with me, I have a wee tennis ball that I kick around with a softee toy in my mouth. Super funs! 


I’m also learning the skills. Mummas says “sit”, and my butt goes down to the floors. Then I get yummies. Wait! I forgot to talks about yummies! They the best. I do most anything for yummies. Somtimes Mummas goes to office where my job is to bark at any sound I hear (sometimes things that I don’t hear). I growl at all the peoples there and the dogs. I still fraidee. But sometimes peoples throw me “treatzies”. They are NOT yummies, but I eats everything. Another skill I learned all byes myself is to bark at the peoples who brings the mail. I make them fraidee. Work so fun!  


Abouts a year ago, Unkie Adrian gots an awesome dog named Waffle. I loves her SO much. She makes me feels less fraidee. I thanks Unkie Adrian every day for bringing Waffle. I let him gives me yummies now. And sometimes he can touch me, but only sometimes.  My others favorite friendee is Spencer, who always shows up with this nice lady Sandra. We used to go hiking with Bella, but nows it’s just us. If Mummas is feeling okays, we can go! Even though I’m wee, I loves to hike likes the biggees.  


I’m now FOUR yearzies old and ready to works more at office. Times for new skills!

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