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Second Assistant

Before interviewing for the Second Assistant position at BAI, Tucker worked on the streets, but he is a survivor and a fighter.  Working on the streets of the San Joaquin Valley, he had to fend for himself and face many dangers. His next position was with a foster home that gave him a second chance at life. After beginning his Second Assistant position with Aaron and Cooper, he began learning quickly, and has proven to be a brave and loyal assistant who never seems to give up. He has shown initiative in tracking and treeing any animal in a matter of seconds. You'd swear he used to smoke because of his loud, distinctive, deep and raspy bark! He excels at cuddling and playing with people and other dogs, which fits in nicely with the dog culture at BAI. He is beyond friendly and affectionate, and at this point in life he has finally found where he belongs. He is now taking a few classes in advanced food location investigation work at the office.

A Word From Tucker


I'ze so scared and alone when I'ze first arrived at my foster home. I'ze had no idea how long I'ze living on the streets, where I'ze had to fend for myself for food and shelter. Leaving the dog shelter and going into the foster home gave me some hope that I'ze could live a normal life. After a couple of months, two cool dudes came along and rescued me with the promise of a forever home. They offered me a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of food to eat, and all the loves and attention I'ze could ever want. I’ze so grateful to have found a family that loves me unconditionally. And trust me, I’ze put them to the test. My nose rules my world, and after living on the streets, I'ze can find any food left out for me anywhere. There is nothing too high on the counters or too low in the gutters that I'ze can’t find. I'ze loves playing with my new toys, going on walks with my Dadz, and snuggling up on the couch. I'ze have a new brother named Cooper, and I'ze let him think he’s the bossy most days. Lord knows I'ze think I'ze got the looks in the family! I'ze thanks my Dadz each and everyday for being the best family a dog could ask for!

My Dadz gave me a second chance at life - and a second career. I get to go to the office with Cooper and Dad to show off my skillz like begging, jumping up on things, barking, and literally laying next to Uncle Jason - like right on his desk. If you think I’ze too big for that, you'd be wrong! 

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